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Striploin Grass-fed

Loaded with high nutritious value, our Grass-Fed beef Striploin is different from the conventional beef Striploin that you ever encountered. While the meat provides the exceptional taste of beefy and flavorful aftertaste, it also is lower in saturated fat but richer in vitamins and minerals. Delicious and healthy cuisine that will satisfy not only taste buds but your body as well.

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Striploin Grain-fed

Beef Striploin is cut from cows that are raised in a controlled feeding environment which produces the best Grain-Fed beef. As a result, it has increased the amount of intermuscular fat which gives the meat a brighter visual and whiter fat. Not to mention, the taste is also different from the conventional beef Striploin as the fat has given the Grain-Fed Striploin more of a buttery flavor.

* Price per kg

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